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Andrew Elsby

The Burghers of Ceylon

Eliza Granville

The Curious Ones

Garry O’Connor

Debussy Was My Grandfather

Naked Woman

The Vagabond Lover

G. K. Chesterton


Jon Elsby

Light in the Darkness

Reassessing the Chesterbelloc

Wrestling With the Angel

Peter Cowlam

Across the Rebel Network


New King Palmers

Who’s Afraid of the Booker Prize?

Power McTeal

Aggie and the Ice Floe

Sam Richards

The Engaged Musician

Tony Phillips


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Peter Cowlam is the author of literary fiction, plays and poetry. His most recent novel, Across the Rebel Network, was nominated for the 2015 Not the Booker Prize. His satire on literary celebrity, Who’s Afraid of the Booker Prize?, won the 2015 Quagga Prize for Literary Fiction. His brief stint as a commissioning editor saw two issues of The Finger, a journal of politics, literature and culture. Read more.

Jon Elsby’s spiritual and intellectual journey has been from Protestantism to atheism, and finally to Catholicism. He writes extensively on Catholic literature and Catholic literary figures.

Andrew Elsby’s interest in the burghers of Ceylon arose when he discovered his Dutch burgher ancestry in Ceylon. His book is a rigorous and comprehensive inquiry into the Portuguese, Dutch and British periods in Ceylon.

Garry O’Connor is a biographer and novelist, noted for his publications on theatrical, political, religious and literary figures. His plays have been performed widely. Read more.

Tony Phillips, now passed, was a travel writer, walker and rambler, with a specialist interest in Dartmoor. Read more.

Sam Richards is a musician, writer and academic, who in his student years in London absorbed the music and ideas of John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, the Fluxus Group, AMM, Lamonte Young and Terry Riley. Read more.

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Naked Woman Wrestling With the Angel