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Today, he felt, was going to be something special. He had forgotten winters past, and sensed the cool thrill of adventure in the air. He sniffed at it. Then he turned to the window, the one that was small and square. He put his head out. A pale sun was up above the maple trees. A last spiralling flake of overnight snow dissolved in the lashes of his eyes.

Aggie and the Ice Floe

Aggie’s sleepy world is woken up to a first fall of snow. When he rushes outside to play, he doesn’t expect quite the adventure the snow has brought with it!

Aggie couldn’t begin to count the many long days of his life. He knew how they’d all begun. His mother with the baby. His father stretching up on his toes. His father at his long mirror, putting on his headdress, putting on his war paint. That was for the tourists, all busy with their cameras.

‘Oho!’ he cried, and dashed for the outdoors. But his mother was ready, holding up a wooden spoon.

‘Just what,’ she said to the chief, ‘just what is he up to now?’ She made Aggie button up the blue checks of his shirt.

Just then, the baby woke and cried for her milk. The chief took charge of Aggie, who wriggled, and couldn’t get away fast enough. He helped him with his dungarees. Then with his boots, his scarf, his hat. Then, at last outside, his father waved his fancy black cane. Aggie sent him a cheerio and tumbled into the paths he knew.

The map and balloon above are a foretaste of what happens next in Aggie’s amazing adventure, and of the friendship he forms with Brandon, one of the world’s last great adventurers. Publication date 1 July 2014.

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Aggie, as the people of One Tree Hill would learn, lived a long way off, in a land where his father didn’t like the mornings.

‘They are for,’ he said, ‘so much dressing up.’ And this was true.

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CentreHouse Press Kids is an independent publisher, bringing you beautifully illustrated books for children (and for adults young at heart!). Our first picture-book offering is a story by children’s writer Power McTeal, Aggie and the Ice Floe, illustrated by Dawn Hunter.

The press has previously featured the work of the following artists: Anne Boulting, Christopher English, and Julie Oxenforth. The press has also worked with French artist Thierry Naiglin.